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The man responds.
June 8, 2009, 3:08 am
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Roger Federer: Legen-dairy.


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The Sod has been downed 6-1, 7-6(1), 6-4 by Roger Federer, who becomes Roland Garros Champion of 2009. I cannot for a moment comprehend why I thought I could survive the two weeks without tennis.

The wait has been too long. Four years, a semifinal, three times runner up. Ladies and gentlemen, please put your hands together for the one and only: Roger Federer. History has been made.


I should’ve bought a Tattslotto ticket.
June 3, 2009, 12:36 am
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I am having some incredibly lucky tips so far. My round 9 tips for AFL went 7 out of 8. Surprisingly, or maybe not, it was the reigning premiers who prevented a perfect 8 for 8. Hawthorn went down 40 points to the Crows. While my initial tip was for the Crows, I had a change of heart at the last minute to put my faith in Buddy Franklin. Well that’s not happening again. 

If you had told me 10 days ago that I would get two of my quarterfinal tips wrong, I would laugh and say ‘only two?’. But most importantly, I would have personally guaranteed I would not get Nadal and Djokovic wrong. How quickly things change in tennis. Rafa the invincible, Rafa the clay monster, Rafa the new GOAT candidate, was also the same Rafa who lost to Robin Soderling in the fourth round of the French Open. (You can’t miss that hot pink shirt anywhere.) Less than 24 hours later, Federer found himself down two sets to love. Not a great place to be as Fedtard. Of course, he eventually came through in five sets. To quote Wertheim: “who is scripting this event anyway?”. 


(I don’t know why I bother with the “tennis bans”. It’s not like dootsiez ever lets me go through with them …)

I’ve found my calling in life…
May 25, 2009, 9:28 pm
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as a professional footy tipper. 


Geelong d Bulldogs by 2 points 

North Melbourne d Freemantle by 13 points 

Adelaide d Carlton by 44 points

Collingwood d West Coast by 22 points

Essendon d Richmond by 40 points

Sydney d Port by 55 points

St Kilda d Brisbane by 16 points 

Hawks d Melbourne by 22 points


Not only is that 6 out of 8 tips right, I was also within a few points for the winning margin for THREE games! WOOT! (And Geelong could have won by a much larger margin given that they were leading by 37 points at one point.) I am so much better at this than fantasy tennis. Maybe I’m just too emotionally involved in tennis players to be objective about it all? 

In other news, swine flu seems to have officially broken out in Australia, with Victoria leading the pack with 9 confirmed cases so far. Footy stars do not seem to be immune to possible exposure: here

Roland Garros started last night and I still have yet to check any scores. Except for those tweeted by dootsiez. Clearly I’m just channeling my frustration into AFL, which serves me fine considering the team I’m barracking for has yet to lose a game this season. 

Random trivia: a friend of mine has the same birthday as Gary Ablett Jr, and her boyfriend shares a birthday with Roger Federer. FREAKY?

Footy tipping – Round 9
May 20, 2009, 8:01 pm
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Are exams really so close? There should be a warning bell in my head going off telling me to study, but I feel it has malfunctioned on me. Not cool. 

I signed up for fantasy AFL, but given my lack of knowledge on players not on the Geelong team, I heavily doubt much will come out of it. Instead I figured I’ll start with something nice and simple. Footy tipping for round 9. 

Geelong d Western Bulldogs by 30 points 

The Bulldogs may be third on the ladder, just behing Geelong and St Kilda but while the cats have yet to lose a game, WB has already suffered losses to St Kilda, West Coast and Carlton. With the return of Ablett Jr and Chapman to Geelong’s midfield, their chances are looking might fine. Having said that, it will be a competitive game. 

North Melbourne d Freemantle by 12 points 

I will admit to not having seen a single Freemantle game this season (or ever). They’re currently 14th on the ladder whilst the Roos sit at 13th. I’m backing the Roos for a win after last week’s plummeling by Geelong. 

Carlton d Adelaide by 40 points 

Chris Judd was rocking and rolling on Sunday, easily helping the Blues to a 51 point win over the Pies. I’m predicting this form to continue on this week against Adelaide. 

Collingwood d West Coast by 24 points 

Basing this on my gut. There’s not much to differentiate the two teams on paper. The Pies are so temperamental I figured they’ll alternate between good and bad weeks right? 

Essendon d Richmond by 20 points 

Richmond only has one win so far this season. Meanwhile Essendon has managed to stage some spectacular upsets by defeating Hawthorn, Collingwood and Carlton. The Bombers also gave the best team this season a serious run for their money last week. (Hey a 19 point loss to St Kilda looks a lot more impressive than you would’ve guessed a few months ago.) 

Port d Sydney by 10 points 

Again, I have yet to see a game from either team this season. Both had close games last week, winning with single digit margins. Supporting Port due to my pure contempt for Sydney (the city) at the moment. Not only do they want to steal our Grand Slam, but now they’re after the AFL Grand Final as well? Get your own sporting events, buddy! 

St Kilda d Brisbane by 40 points 

The way St Kilda is storming through the rounds is quite scary. With the exception of a few minor “scares”, including last week’s 19 point win over Essendon, St Kilda has been regularly winning matches with 70 point margins or so. Their % currently stands at 195%. (Looking as formidable as the Clay Monster on Clay.) 

Hawthorn d Melbourne by 20 points

Not sure where the defending champs stand at this stage. I feel ripped off on Geelong’s behalf. How did they have lose to Hawthorn in last year’s final? Of course, Hawthorn might just be pulling a Federer, i.e. screwing around in the early rounds and winning when it really counts. Who knows? But no matter how bad Hawthorn’s current form is, there is just no way they could lose this game. (Or is there?) 


I know I know, let the humiliation begin right? 🙂

No really. I’m going on a ban!
May 19, 2009, 8:45 pm
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Roger Federer won Madrid in case you haven’t heard yet. He won it in style too. First, he pulls a Hamburg ’07, i.e. defeat the clay monster (aka Nadal) on clay. Second, he ups it by defeating a Spaniard in Spain, where the crowds are notoriously bitchy. 

When Federer was up 6-4, 5-4 and serving out the match, I jokingly said to a friend that I wouldn’t be surprised if Rafa broke back and proceeds to win in three sets. For a moment when Federer was down 15-40 on his own serve, it seemed like my prediction was going to come true. But Federer seemed to resume his TMF persona for long enough to hold and take the match. 

But I cannot bring myself to have the zomg-I-can’t-stop-grinning reaction. No reasonable person will tell you this result has changed Rafa’s chances of bagging his 5th Roland Garros in about three weeks time. In fact the only thing that has changed is that Federer will probably reach his fourth Roland Garros final in a row, where he’ll inevitably fall to the greatest clay monster of all time. 

However, I will still be going on my Roland Garros ban. I did nothing to keep up with Madrid and look at what happened. Maybe this is a good sign for RG? *fingers crossed*

Pies struck by the Blues.
May 17, 2009, 6:42 pm
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Had a killer night with mah homies last night. So I woke up this morning determined to make today all about admin law and a taste of footy.

Carlton v Collingwood at the ‘G (oh I sound so badass saying that!) turned out to be a better match than I expected. When I watch a game that does not involve Geelong, my policy is to barack for the team who kicks the first goal. Carlton had the honours today. In fact they didn’t seem to be able to stop kicking goals! In contrast, Collingwood kicked their second goal in the 3rd quarter.

Judd was totally on and Fevola was not very relevant. Some dude I’ve never heard of until today (Jarradn Waite) was also quite spectacular. Eddie Betts was the leading goal kicker with 4 for Carlton. Not completely sure what Collingwood’s game plan was, but it was completely ineffective in the first half. Bit of a shame because Collingwood definitely is capable of more. 

The upcoming game between Geelong and Bulldogs looks highly promising. The latter is currently 3rd on the ladder with losses to West Coast, Carlton and St Kilda. 

Oh and as an after-thought, Federer and Nadal are set to square it off again tonight. Second time this year, first time on clay. Not looking forward to it. Unless Fed feels like pulling a Hamburg ’07.

May 15, 2009, 4:40 pm
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I’ve been feeling incredibly overwhelmed recently. Uni exams are looming and I do not feel prepared at all. Those H1’s I’m aiming for look beyond reach at the moment. Work is so incredibly busy and stressful. Too many phone calls to make and receive, too many tantrums from a stressed out mum. My self-esteem has taken tremendous blows due to my absolutely stunning job hunting skills. The only thing going in my life are my lovely friends and I feel like I’m doing a poor poor job of being a friend at the moment. My addiction to TV shows has just made me wonder why life isn’t a big sitcom instead. 

Yesterday was the best day I’ve had in a long time. But when I woke up today general emoness has ensued. So here I sit, in need of motivation, organisational skills and a job.