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2008: Year of Spain?
November 24, 2008, 8:53 pm
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Euro, Wimbledon and now Davis Cup. The Spanish Davis Cup team also gets “most likely to be photographed in ways that makes people question their sexuality” award. 

Celebrating Spanish style

Wonder what Ana would think if she saw this ...

Seriously, I never believed Spain was a complete underdog. 


PS. So does that mean Spain has used up their winning quota for 2009 too?


Photo: Paul Zimmer 


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what the hell is “Eurocup”? It’s just called Euro 😛

Playing away, on an indoor fast court (their worst surface), facing a hostile crowd, without Rafa (or Robredo for that matter), facing two top 10 opponents when their highest ranked player was barely in the top 15/without a title/likely to drop even lower – just curious, what was it about Spain that DIDN’T make them an underdog? Of course there was always a chance that they could win, but that didn’t make them less of an underdog. Ur just plain weird.

Dunno what Ana’s thinking, but I’m thinking I wanna be jammed in there SOMEWHERE….

Comment by dootsiez

Lol corrected. 😛 Seriously I was just a little caught up in cow’s grass during that time.

Well the thing is, Spain had a very good chance at winning doubles tie. It’s not about ranking but form/momentum/etc. And Delpo’s been out of gas for a while now and he’s proved he can’t beat top 20 players day in day out. Which leaves Nalby. The guy who lost in the first round of Wimby to Dancevic.

On the other hand, Verdasco and Lopez could play out of their mind because they have absolutely nothing to lose. We saw how well Lopez could play at last year’s USO. I didn’t think it was too outrageous for Verdasco or Lopez (or both) to win their singles tie against Delpo.

Comment by sliceofwatermelon

^ ah but see, delpo couldn’t play his second rubber. And Lopez is pretty out of gas too, I thought Lopez had a chance of beating Del Potro, and then del Potro would beat Ferrer. But obviously, del Potro got replaced with Acusaso (?) and Spain made a last minute decision to put Verdasco on for singles. So it turned out that way unfortunately. But either way, LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the Spaniards (L)

Comment by dootsiez

LOL. that is a great photo. cascading waterfall of spaniards.

Comment by v.

I think it’s Acasuso.

Yes, lovely pic of cascading Spaniards. The argument could be made any cascade of Spaniards are lovely. 😀

Comment by sliceofwatermelon

OH CASCADE ON ME! *lies down on court waiting*

Comment by dootsiez

ARE YOU IN CHINA YET? (if i type in capitals you’ll hear me better.)

Comment by v.

Fernando and Feli are such cuddlesluts!

Comment by bennettsocal

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