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December 1, 2008, 12:00 am
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This is the day my transition from innocent and naive Australian student touring China to TB FOB.

First, I had “dim sum” aka breakfast-will-never-be-the-same-again food. I actually woke up at 7am so we could travel for 30 mins to this place. It was definitely worth it. Moving limbs/brain/mouth was extremely difficult after a visit to said place.

Next shopping. Grandma felt compelled to take me to a place “worthy” of my uni student status. Two pairs of shoes, a wool dress and a jacket. Total expenditure: ¥1500. The wool dress is FOB. That’s FOB in bold.

We were forced to go home around lunchtime because “seriously, as if we’ll be able to use up ¥1500 in a day”. I came home and ate. Actually eating pretty much describes the majority of my day in China. After “dinner” (quotation marks because really, I never stopped eating and meals blurred together), I went to a hairdresser. I may have agreed to allow the hairdresser a little “artistic freedom”. If I didn’t look a native Shanghainese before, I do now. Pics will be posted as soon as I get my hands on a shiny digital camera.


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ah… take me with you TT_TT
it’s pouring down here in Melbourne…

come back down under and
join us in Boston legal night!!!


Comment by Angie

oh my, where do I start? first a WOOL DRESS? Im hoping it looks a lot better than it sounds. Secondly, ooooh new hair, but maybe it’s “YIKES … new hair”. FYI I find airports to be an aphrodisiac, and the waiting area is prob one of the most interesting places you’ll ever visit in your life. Nice to see you’ve arrived and you’re having fun. =)

Comment by dootsiez

not that you’ll even be able to read this comment, but STAY SAFE, child. continue eating, as you are, but don’t ingest any suspicious foodstuffs. (my trips to asia tells me that everything is suspicious.)

but i agree with julie’s concerns about your wool dress. oh well, keeps you warm, right?

Comment by sliceofwatermelon

oh shit, that was me.. btw. logged into your account. hahah?

Comment by sliceofwatermelon

(me being v..)

Comment by sliceofwatermelon

Hiiii there. Got your email. Nice to see you’re still alive and your stomach didn’t explode or anything.

I give it another three days. How much money do you think you can spend by then?

Comment by Ebontane

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