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04 (Beijing)
December 11, 2008, 4:03 pm
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We arrived by train at around ten in the morning. It was “free time” on the first day, because the rest of the group were yet to arrive. Twas not the season for travelling in Beijing. The maximum temperature for the first day was -1°C. Grandma and I, along with another family we met on the train took the time to visit Yonghe Temple. Turns out the youngest daughter of this family does furniture design at RMIT, hence, the both of us were stuck with the fortune of tasting how cold “north-west wind” can get.

It took us about two hours to work out how to get there from our “hotel”. The dodgy place only has hot water from 8pm onwards for a brief couple of hours. The mattresses are so crap you can actually feel the metal digging into your back as you sleep. Sleeping is further made more difficult because I was sharing a room with my grandma, who snores quite loudly.

Beijing is beautiful. Polluted as hell but I love it. There are random historical looking buildings just floating around! It makes me feel like I’m in one of those olden day TV shows that I so love.


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holy shit, that sounds cold. haha, a girl from RMIT. it’s a taste of melbourne in the far east! do you feel at home? 😀

maybe SHE had trouble sleeping because YOU snored. ever thought about that? 😛

fix the links for your other entry so i can post it, ya fool.

xx vee.

Comment by sliceofwatermelon

Ahahah lol u would think over the olympics they will still keep up the less carbon omission..but nope….tee hee ^^

Comment by Lisa

good to know you loved Beijing, I haven’t been there for years, but as far as I can remember, twas beautiful (and incredibly polluted, but then again, ur family lived in Shanghai, so it’s kinda like the pot and the kettle). my grandma snores too, maybe it’s an old people thing

Comment by dootsiez

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