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06 (Beijing)
December 29, 2008, 2:04 pm
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Another 5am morning. Not fun. The drive to the Great Wall was around two hours. This particular part of the Great Wall that we visited had eight towers. $30 bought us a right to the fourth tower and we were free to pursue the heights of the highest eighth tower. But Grandma only got about three hours of sleep the night before, and the road isn’t exactly feet friendly. We only reached the sixth tower, but the photo ops were still great.

Next was the graves of thirteen of the Ming Dynasty emperors. The place is huge, so we only visited the biggest one, Emperor Zhudi’s grave. He was the first emperor to move the capital city to Beijing. Previously the capital of China was Nanjing.

Caption: This entire place is built without using a single nail. It is all pieced together like a jigsaw.

Caption: Statute erected by Zhudi’s successors to honour him.

If you’ve ever been on one of those cheap tours around China (or maybe it’s anywhere?) then you’ll know that they always take you to ten million shopping places. Usually these places sell particular goods that are unique to the area. China is famous for its jade. Beijing is famous for some type of jade that isn’t worth particularly much. πŸ˜› Anyway it was just an excuse to bribe us into visiting Jin wei si aka jade galour owned by Deng Xiaoping’s son. The place does sell pretty cheap jade because apparently disabled people don’t have to pay tax in China.

Next stop: OLYMPIC VILLAGE! I was only a little excited to be there. We didn’t actually go in because no one thought it was worth paying $50 to see an empty arena.

Caption: Me in front of the Birds Next.

The big red things that looks like Breast Cancer appeal logo is actually the AIDs day logo. I was replaying the opening ceremony on fast forward over and over in my head. ARGH! WHAT IF WIMBLEDON HAD TURNED OUT DIFFERENTLY!?!?!?! / end angst.

Caption: Me and grandma in front of the Water Cube.


We got told a random story during the long bus rides. Apparently Chairman Mao used to love to visit a Monastery nearby where he lived and converse with the monks there. The monks there recommended that Mao go talk with some other high ranking monk. (I know, I’m so ignorant when it comes to Buddhism.) Said monk told Mao that he could have a long life and avoid danger if Mao would assign a group of personal bodyguards the number 8341. The monk wouldn’t say why but Mao heeded the advice. No one understood the meaning of these four numbers until Mao died. He died at the age of 83 and he was leader of the Communist party for 41 years. Coincidence?


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That Mao thing is freaky.

And the Wall looks stupendous. I was a little confused when I was uploading your photos because I thought I uploaded a duplicate. But then I realised you looked the same in all of them. πŸ˜›

The thing that made me gasp aloud, though (“Woah!”), was the little tidbit about Emperor Zhudi’s grave. ALL PIECED TOGETHER LIKE A JIGSAW WITHOUT NAILS?!?!! They are AMAZING.

Comment by sliceofwatermelon

Or.. “were”. :S

xx V.

Comment by sliceofwatermelon

Lol all this chairmen mao……hmmmmm no comment πŸ˜›
WOW!! love the great wall shots!!

Comment by Lisa

Woah. Didn’t even realise you continued with this blog. I kinda thought you gave up. I went to the Ming emperors’ tomb place too, did you go to the underground palace? It was freezing down there, and the year we went, you can throw coins at the sarcophogus (sp?) and if your coin stick to it, it’s supposed to be good luck. I swear it’s just a plot for the place to raise more revenue.
Anyway, looks like a blast. πŸ˜€

Comment by dootsiez

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