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Where art thy belief?
March 22, 2009, 5:01 pm
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I am just not feeling the TMF love these days. I couldn’t even physically bring myself to sit up and turn on my computer at 7am this morning to follow the Federer v Murray semifinal. I was already resigned to Federer losing and it’s not like I lacked the experience of going through such traumas live. (Wimbledon comes to mind.) 

I feel like we FedKADs are in need of a win. Be it a 1000 series, a grand slam, or just a win over Murray or Rafa. Just something to restore our beliefs? (Or maybe I’m only speaking for myself.) 

I’m also quite glad I did not have to witness Federer being breadsticked live (again).  


Federer after loss to Murray

Federer after loss to Murray

Image source: Getty


I am quite dreading the clay season. D:

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Ahh, well I turned on my computer just in time for the third set, and damn the guy, he gave me hope! The worst thing you can give to a KAD. I mean he looked good by then. The commentators thought he looked good. I thought he looked damn hot, and then Murray FELL, and it was like Federer got squashed or something. Dude freaked out. It was the weirdest match I’ve watched. Literally 3 consecutive errors to give up a break. Then 4 more to give up another. And Murray pretty much served for the match, and faced 5 deuces or something too, coz frankly he was playing like crap as well. Just an all round crap match.

The weirdest thing was, the Nadal v Roddick match was craphole too. Rafa went off to Lala-land. The only diff was that Rafa was playing Roddick, who on any given day, is not a Fabulous Four.

Comment by dootsiez

ARGH! I want to be taken back in time to the days of 2007! I don’t even give a crap about IW or Miami. Who cares if he doesn’t win them? But this trend of buckling in the deciding set and just not being able to pull out matches against Murray and Rafa is very worrying.

Comment by sliceofwatermelon

What’s a FedKAD?

Comment by v.

^ KAD stands for Kool Aid Drinker, which basically means crazy fangirl. Fed stands for Federer. 😀

Comment by sliceofwatermelon

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