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Viva la vida
April 4, 2009, 1:26 pm
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How many times have we heard about the days when Roger Federer abused that racquet more often than Safin? The days before Roger Federer became Roger Federer. It’s the fable you tell all upcoming tennis players who let their emotions take over; the favoured fairytale among commentators who have run out of vocabulary to describe their adoration and admiration for the man’s god-like demeanour. Hail if I had kids, I would have told it to my kids to scare the bed bugs away.

But what happens when Cinderella’s step sister fits into that glass slipper and marries the prince? Or what if the seven dwarves had actually been working for the wicked queen? And the princess kissed the frog and the frog failed to transform?

When Roger Federer smashed that racquet today, I felt a thump that was reality slapping my face. It’s the equivalent of that moment in every child’s life when they find out Santa doesn’t exist. That the big fat man in that ridiculous red suit sweating his hair off in the middle of December, was actually your dad. Except I never believed in Santa and my dad never dressed up on my behalf.

What I did believe in was a Roger Federer who never smashes his racquets or loses to a slumping Djokovic. I might as well have prayed for a sooner end to the Global Financial crisis.


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Well, he sure as hell was acting like a douchebag. The final scene really cemented the “god-like demeanour” for me — in the sense that it really made him look completely full of himself. Girl holding his umbrella (I know she has to, lol), Federer contemptuously discarding empty water bottles for the ball boys to retrieve.

Comment by v.

^It was such a weird concept for me to grasp too. I have never actually seen him throw a racquet before this.

Comment by sliceofwatermelon

LOL Vi doesn’t watch enough tennis to know what an ATP “douchebag” acts like. This is nothing by men’s tennis standards. Try youtubing Daniel Koellerer.

Comment by dootsiez

BTW – your post topic is in no way related to your post?! WTF?

Comment by dootsiez

^It was me being angsty and being reminded of the Coldplay song. D:

Comment by sliceofwatermelon

but isn’t that a happy song?

Comment by v.

[…] Viva la vida […]

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