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Wow twice in a week?
April 5, 2009, 6:43 pm
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I’ve been promised a cookie if I blog. Right now. So here I am. Blogging. 

How goes the tennis?

So Azarenka pwned Serena Williams in the Miami finals 6-3 6-1. The bootylicious Williams sista was suffering from a sprained ankle and trouble with her left thigh. But a pwnage is a pwnage. Can I also add that I do think Azarenka looked better from afar. Or maybe it was the Sharapova comparisons that had my hopes up. 

The mens final (2:30am Melbourne time) will be a showdown between the ever-so-endearing Novak Djokovic and Mr-I-just-walk-out-from-a-Colgate-commercial Andy Murray. (I am definitely not bitter about the lack of a Rajah in that lineup.)

And in the game where brain cells means lack of experience …

The Bombers also won by a 38 point margin today. There is hope yet. My friends and I are planning to pay to see how they line up against Collingwood. Considering we passed up the Geelong v Hawthorn match for this, it had better be good. 

G20 and the big playground us taxpayers paid for

By ‘us’ I mean the people with real jobs in the world. Not me. I don’t have a real job. (And in my defence I’m the sheltered Asian who goes to law school because she can. What’s your excuse?) 

I’m not quite sure where to start with the G20. Will the 1.4 trillion dollar injection give the economy the boost it needs? Does the Queen secretly want a PS2 instead of that lousy iPod? But really, let’s focus on the second issue. The first sign of a recession is when you receive a US$200 gift from the guy who’s running the richest country in the World. (Although after the fiasco that was last year, the US of A is probably the country with the biggest debt in the world.) 

And the most important issue of all, is KRudd trying too hard to avoid being tied closely with China? The guy actually requested to be seated next to the British Minister for Foreign Affairs instead of the Chinese Ambassador. There were only three people there on the show you know. I’m only a little hurt on China’s behalf. (Not really.) It’s all right, China will retaliate by hacking into your laptop and stealing your facebook photos. That 74% approval rating won’t be happening again in the absence of those chummy photos. 

And last but not least …

Screw global warming. I would like an opportunity to actually wear all that winter clothing before Winter ends please.


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“And in my defence I’m the sheltered Asian who goes to law school because she can. What’s your excuse?”

Hahahahhahahaha. True.

Comment by v.

Dude, you talked about – the WTA, AFL, G20, global warming, and KRudd v China all in the one post. You’re insane and take yourself too seriously. (I can talk. I blog 3 times a day and tweet twice as much as that).

JMac offered to coach Fed. Sif Fed will take him.

Comment by dootsiez

^I didn’t know JMac offered to coach Fed. When did this happen?

Comment by sliceofwatermelon

JMac said in an interview that he won’t coach full time, but he’s happy to work with Federer on how to beat some of his nemeses. Me: YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS?!

Comment by dootsiez

Oh yea I read that. Lol. But I don’t think JMac and Fed would work that well because Fed needs someone with a good temper.

Comment by sliceofwatermelon

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