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In retaliation to the lack of tennis on free-to-air
April 11, 2009, 10:13 pm
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… I’m getting into a sport that will be on free-to-air at least three times a week.

AFL is the closest thing to a national religion here in Australia. (Victoria in particular.) Christianity is for retired football players nicknamed ‘God’. Footy is the thing for real men, women and children alike. Now I have been in Australia for well over ten years and have never found it in myself to get into footy. There’s too much machoism, too many druggies,  and most of all it doesn’t look very sophisticated. Muscley men tackling each other? Really? 

However, in an attempt to open my mind and culturise myself, I have recently begun to watch this sport I used to shun. And I have been pleasantly surprised. I attended my first AFL match at the famed MCG on Thursday night. You would not believe the fun I had. There’s a certain beauty that you can only experience at these events live. Where there are no commentators, no too slow-cameramen or annoying ads. The atmosphere was bloody amazing! I was up there screaming profanities, yelling instructions and questioning everyone’s existence for a full two and a half hours. The best thing was the fact that the tickets were only $12.80 on concession. Definitely something I need to experience again. Meanwhile, I plan to watch more AFL matches and learn up on the basics. 

And on the other side of the world, Monte Carlo will begin tomorrow night. My plan to not follow the clay court season is not going well. (And the clay court season hasn’t officially started for the ATP.)


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Omg Biya…I am ashamed to call you my friend. 😛 I’ve been forced to attend a few times, and everytime it was cold, loud and full of swearing, old drunk men. Myabe I was too stubborn to fully give it a go…maybe I only hate it on principle. Either way, I hate it.

Lol, enjoy.

Comment by Caroline

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