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Pies struck by the Blues.
May 17, 2009, 6:42 pm
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Had a killer night with mah homies last night. So I woke up this morning determined to make today all about admin law and a taste of footy.

Carlton v Collingwood at the ‘G (oh I sound so badass saying that!) turned out to be a better match than I expected. When I watch a game that does not involve Geelong, my policy is to barack for the team who kicks the first goal. Carlton had the honours today. In fact they didn’t seem to be able to stop kicking goals! In contrast, Collingwood kicked their second goal in the 3rd quarter.

Judd was totally on and Fevola was not very relevant. Some dude I’ve never heard of until today (Jarradn Waite) was also quite spectacular. Eddie Betts was the leading goal kicker with 4 for Carlton. Not completely sure what Collingwood’s game plan was, but it was completely ineffective in the first half. Bit of a shame because Collingwood definitely is capable of more. 

The upcoming game between Geelong and Bulldogs looks highly promising. The latter is currently 3rd on the ladder with losses to West Coast, Carlton and St Kilda. 

Oh and as an after-thought, Federer and Nadal are set to square it off again tonight. Second time this year, first time on clay. Not looking forward to it. Unless Fed feels like pulling a Hamburg ’07.


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Your wish a couple of posts back has been ANSWERED. Fed won a title on clay, and it WASN’T a little Serbian one. It was the “Fifth Slam pretender” in Madrid. You pretend you’re not excited, but you don’t fool me! Rawr rawr rawr rawr! *giddy*

Comment by dootsiez

^Lol Whatever. When he wins RG THEN I’ll be excited. *hmph*

Comment by sliceofwatermelon

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